Notes from the Journal of JMX


above: Avatar Mountain

22 Jan 17

The first sound I hear when I wake up is my own breath. The dorm elevator is loud today. No one is getting out. Phantom doors. And it’s interesting to notice the different sounds my body makes when I begin to wake up. Those sounds are like markers that indicate how healthy I am or what space my body is in at any particular time.

I dream every night. I don’t remember anything this morning. Dreams differ energetically from night to night. Sometimes they feel deep, like my skin is soaked in a dream. Sometimes they feel epic. They last forever. Those dreams are like initiations. I’ve had a few of those sorts of dreams. Some of my dreams are like impressions or like glances at something that is difficult to see.

22 Feb 17

Water still drips and the howling wind, well…still howls. I live on one side of a wind tunnel. The howling is constant.

I am imagining the sound of my headache. Headaches are unusual for me but it’s right at the top of my head like a very gentle but persistent throb. The sound is muffled, because the pain is muted.

I dreamt that Diviana and one of my co-workers from Trader Joe’s were looking over a ledge and calling out to me while I stood down below, looking up. The blue sky behind them was royal. These two showing up in a dream was odd since I barely speak to this particular co-worker and Div and I are on the outs.



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